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>Forgive my ignorance/stupidity on this subject but what do you mean by

Different mail apps call it different things, but it is usually bounce or
redirect. It sends the message on with the headers intact, so that replies
go back to the original sender and not the person who redirected it.

Outlook and Outlook Express cannot do it.
Why, I don't know, it's the simplest job in the book :-(

>Yes, the cron job is in place, just want to give my users CORRECT
>instructions on using the "auto-learn" feature.
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>>I just want to be clear on the usage of the spam and not spam accounts
>>used in conjunction with the sa-learn script.
>>I can have my users forward any message received to either spam (to have
>>it identified as spam) or notspam (to have it identified as ham) and it will
>>be automatcially learned (sa-learn)??
>It is important that they "redirect" and not "forward" their mail to the
>addresses, as forwarding will destroy the headers and make it appear that
>your users are the spammers.
>>Is this correct?
>You do, of course, need my cron job script to do the actual work,
>mailboxes aren't magic :-)
>>I don't want my users showing up as spammers because they are listed as
>>the forwarder.
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