Bayesian training policy (crossposted from SpamAssassin ML)

Andrea Cogliati AndreaC at GOTECH.IT
Mon May 5 17:30:11 IST 2003


Thank you for your reply. Let me be more specific:

I've created two mailboxes (spam and notspam) where I copy (not forward)
Spam & Notspam messages; I run a script to launch sa_learn on them every
hour. Right so far?
How many messages should I use to train the filter?
Should I include only false positives and false negatives in my manual
training or should I also use correctly tagged messages?
Is there a good ratio between spam and not spam messages to use?
Should I use only "new" messages (maybe one month old at max) or should
I use also old messages?
Should I keep the messages I used to train the filter or can I discard
Should I start from scratch every now and then or constantly train the
filter with new messages without deleting the old database?
How can I check if the learning procedure is doing any good at all?

Thank you in advance for any hint,


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What do you mean by a "learning policy that makes sense"? 

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