Use OSIRUSOFT yes or no?

Soeren Gerlach so-mlist-alias at
Sat May 3 10:17:54 IST 2003

As a matter of fact O. does not mark spam. It is a meta list of several RBLs 
together and they just provide a special DNS based service where you can 
get an answer for the question: "Is it likely that from the IP where a MTA 
just tries to connect right now to my MTA does Spam come from?". So it's 
not spam analysis just a kind of  "good IP/bad IP" markup. And it can be 
quite easily applied to most MTAs.
I'm currently using a combination of three RBLs : :

with very good results: More than 60% of potential spam gets already blocked 
at the MTA without any user complaints - until now  ,-)) - that someone 
cannot deliver mail via the RBL-secured MTA.


> I have noticed that the spam that does get thru is found in OSIRUSOFT,
> but I do not currently use it.  Who is using it and how well is it
> working?  Wondering about how accuratly it is marking SPAM.
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