SpamAssassin score below 7?

Matthew Bowman mbowman at UDCOM.COM
Fri May 2 20:32:05 IST 2003

I use 4 for spam and 20 for high score spam.  Over the last few weeks our
spam count has risen slightly so I'm looking at changing some of the
scoring in and also advising clients to have their spam actions
include 'striphtml'.

Does anyone whitelist ? I got an e-mail forged from that
domain with a score of 9.1 LOL


Matthew Bowman

Stephen Swaney <Steve at>
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05/02/2003 03:35 PM
Please respond to Steve

        Subject:        Re: SpamAssassin score below 7?

I'm also using 3.8 with good results. Very, very few messsages over 3.8
are not spam and the few that were I've whitelisted.

BTW I'm setting Hish Spam = 10 and also getting very good results

Steve Swaney
Steve at

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|    Anyone doing a SpamAssassin score threshold below 7?  Have any
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