MS hangs, unkillable process

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri May 2 16:42:38 IST 2003

At 15:40 02/05/2003, you wrote:
>    This has bitten me twice this week.  Nothing has changed recently
>on my mail server, honest.  Setup: Sun E220R, Solaris 8, MS 4.14-9,
>SA 2.53, sophos 3.68, sophossavi.  I rotate my syslogs at midnight.
>Before I stop syslogd, I stop MailScanner in my cron job.  Then
>I shuffle the syslog files around, restart syslogd, then restart

There is no reason to restart MailScanner in that situation.
All you need to do is rotate all your syslogs, "kill -HUP" your syslogd and
that's it. There is no reason to stop it at all.
If you actually stop syslogd, you run the risk of losing logs for the time
this process takes to do.

See /usr/lib/newsyslog.

>   MailScanner doesn't restart.  The next morning, I find
>one unkillable MS process sitting there.  "kill -9" won't nuke it
>and I have to reboot to get things going again.  And or course, I
>have 2K to 3K of backlog from the nighttime that MS has to munch
>thru, work that can take a couple of hours.  Any ideas, other than
>maybe install the 4.15 beta?  Do you think that sophossavi might
>be the problem (my last big change, about a month ago)?

It should still log something if it fails to talk to the sophossavi Perl
Julian Field
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