Filename Rules and double extensions

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri May 2 13:46:28 IST 2003

At 13:28 02/05/2003, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Can anyone advise, whether this is this possible?
>We have a user that as part of their company name
>includes .com
>They understandably are getting a fair amount of Microsoft office
>documents quarantined by Mailscanner as the senders of the documents
>and images are saving them as e.g. or
> etc...
>Is there any way that we can specify in filename rules the actual
>filename to be accepted. We appreciate accepting all's would
>be dangerous but is there someway we could allow

Is all the mail in question coming from or to one particular
If so, you can start by setting the "Filename Rules" to be a ruleset, so
these special rules only applied to that one customer, and didn't apply to
anyone else's mail.

You could then use a rule that looked like
Allow   customername\.com       -       -
That would allow all filenames which contained "" anywhere
in the filename, which might be enough. If you just want to allow
"" where "xxx" is "doc" or "ppt" or something like
that, then you could do
allow   customername\.com\..{3,4}       -       -
This would allow the "xxx" to be 3 or 4 characters long, which you really
need to do as not all Windows filename extensions are 3 characters long
(e.g. "html" is 4).
Julian Field
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