mailstats 0.18

Sylvain Phaneuf sylvain.phaneuf at IMSU.OXFORD.AC.UK
Fri Mar 28 16:25:35 GMT 2003

Is anyone running mailstats 0.18 with mrtg 2.9.27 ?

I have been trying for several hours and cannot get it to work. We are running the lot on RH 8.0

I keep getting errors like:
/usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/rateup: No such file or directory
Rateup Error: Can't open mrtg/images/mesgs/mesgs-day.png for write
ERROR: Skipping webupdates because rateup did not return anything sensible
WARNING: rateup died from Signal 0
 with Exit Value 1 when doing router 'mesgs'
 Signal was 0, Returncode was 1

Rateup is installed and in the coorect location...  Any ideas?


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