email in exim incoming queue is not getting processed -- Please help

Daniel Bird dbird at SGHMS.AC.UK
Thu Mar 27 17:17:20 GMT 2003

I had a similar problem with exim and finding it's input and ouput queues.
For some reason my version (4.12, but also when I was using 3.x -
probably a configure option;-) decided if I told it to use


it actually looked in /var/spool/exim/input/input
and likewise for /var/spool/exim/output (/var/spool/exim/output/input).
ie, always added 'input' to the dir structure

To get 'round this I have :

in exim.conf.out
spool_directory = /var/spool/exim/outgoing

and in MailScanner.conf
Incoming Queue Dir = /var/spool/exim/input
Outgoing Queue Dir = /var/spool/exim/outgoing/input

Works for me!


Hancock, Scott wrote:

>Greetings all,
>This is a restate of a previous help request.
>Exim incoming has written a pile of messages to
>For some reason mailscanner is not acting on these messages.
>Any guidance on how to troubleshoot or information on under what
>conditions mailscanner would not find or accept these files would be
>greatly appreciated.
>Debian sarge
>Exim 3.36
>MS 4.13
>Sa 2.44
>All new incoming mails are scanned and delivered.
>exim -bp  shows the mail in the incoming directory without any errors.
>The queue originally had 1500 unscanned emails a Mainscanner restart
>delivered half of these but I still have about 700 waiting for deliver.
>I'll gladly post any conf files.
>Please help.
>Scott Hancock

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