Different Subject for Object Codebase/IFrame

Nathan Johanson nathan at TCPNETWORKS.NET
Tue Mar 25 17:32:20 GMT 2003


Someone requested this feature earlier, but I never caught the response
to it.

Is it possible to append a different subject modifier for Object
Codebase and Iframe tags. I don't necessarily need a special modifier
for each, but one for both would suffice.

At this point, the subject is appended with (Virus?} for these two
issues, which can be misleading for some of our end users. These are not
really viruses. A different subject modifier will help make it clearer
to our users what is actually happening. If they receive messages with
that they want to read (such as CNN news updates), they can request the
message to be whitelisted and improve their experience. Many of our
users get scared by the (VIRUS) annotation, and usually avoid the
message altogether. If there is a different subject modifier (such as
INSECURE), they can easily identify the problem and submit the message
for whitelisting. Furthermore, a different modifier for these kinds of
objections could further refine any statistics we collect on viruses
down the road.

For instance, I'm thinking of the following;

Message contains a "real" virus (klez, sobig, etc.), append {VIRUS?} to
the subject line.
Message contains dangerous Iframe or Objecte Codebase, append (INSECURE)
--or some other annotation-- to the subject line. 


Nathan Johanson
Email: nathan at tcpnetworks.net

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