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Howard Robinson howard at
Thu Mar 20 12:52:45 GMT 2003

Dear list members.
All our mail goes to the mailscanner box and then after scanning is
 forwarded back to the relevant Novell server internally or to the
outside world. Internally we have set Mercury on the novell server to
15mb. I know that some sites restrict incoming email attachment
or 1 or 2 mb so large emails are rejected.
However we have had complaints from some sites that large
attachments, but below their limits, are not getting out to them nor
can they send them to us. Internally we don't have a problem - I've
just sent my self a 10mb attachment to check.
Is there a setting in mailscanner or send mail that limits the size of
an attachment. Does it/can it differentiate between on site and off
site mail?


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