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Tue Mar 18 16:14:14 GMT 2003

At 15:18 18/03/2003, you wrote:
>This is not a MS problem, but I have yet been able to find anything in the
>SA archives and hope that someone using MS has done this before. I'm not
>versed in Perl, so I sort of need assistance. The people of this maillist
>really seem to be on the ball.
>We receive a lot of spam from a particular group. Each mailing is from
>various sources, but all have the following line in them(actually a reply
>link where I have replaced the real address with x's, y's, etc):
>  visit at
> <>
>I would like to use a body or rawbody (uri or full maybe?) rule to find
>"html://" and give it a score in SA by adding it to my
>spam.assassin.prefs.conf file but have not yet figured out how to write
>it. My Header rules work fine, but all of my attempts at this seem to be
>all for nothing.
>Any help would be appreciated and sorry for the non-MS stuff.

uri YOUR_RULE /^https?\:\/\/www\.xx-yyyy\.com/34606zzz\.html?/
describe YOUR_RULE The name of your rule
score YOUR_RULE 5.0

If you want the "z" characters to need to be numbers, then put
in place of each one.
means the preceding object (character, [ ], etc) is optional. Hence the ?
after https as the s is optional. Any odd characters such as : or / or .
need to be "escaped" by putting a \ before them.
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