How to test emails through SA using MS config?

John Goggan jgoggan at DCG.COM
Mon Mar 17 16:03:31 GMT 2003

Is there some easy way to do message testing/reporting via SA using the
MailScanner config?

In other words, I run MS with SA -- and let's say it marks something as spam
-- and now I'd like to see a full report.  If I was just using SA, I could
just to "spamassassin -t < spam.message" to see the report.  If I do that as
it is now, I don't get the same report -- since my MailScanner config enables
things like whitelists and such.  How do I go about getting SA to use my
MailScanner config options so that I get the report I expect?

It just seems that there should be a "MailScanner -t < spam.message" sort of
way to do such things easily, yes?

 - John...

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