Debian Mailscanner and Sendmail install notes was -- Debian ms v4.x..

Hancock, Scott HancockS at MORGANCO.COM
Thu Mar 6 20:06:24 GMT 2003

Here are the notes from Dan.  Pretty similar to Julian's notes at



Subject: RE: Debian ms v4.x install help. Deb, Alien or Source? attn
Jason Desai

> Feel like posting your doc to the mailscanner list?

Okay... Just typing off the cuff here so don't expect too much <G>

In order to get sendmail in Debian to run in a separate listener/queue
runner mode all you need to do is change the DAEMON_PARMS line from



DAEMON_PARMS="-OPrivacyOptions=noetrn -ODeliveryMode=queueonly

And create the /var/spool/ directory of course... but that's
really all you need to do.

I haven't tested it in woody, only in sarge but I did write a brief note
to the sendmail maintainer who said that it should be fine. He also
mentioned that the fact that splitting the sendmail process into a
listener and queue runner is included in the conf file at all is due to
an early user of mailscanner asking for the feature.

The details of how/why it does what it does are in the file
/usr/share/sendmail/sendmail. That's really what gets run when the
/etc/init.d/sendmail script gets fired off. In there is a bit of logic
that just looks to see if parameters are common between the listener and
queue runner daemon and either creates one or two daemons to suit.
Here's the operative bit:

        # See if we can share the listener and queue-runner daemon:
        #       * Both must be in daemon mode
        #       * They must have the same (possibly empty) parameters
        if [ "$DAEMON_MODE" = "daemon" \
                -a "$QUEUE_MODE" = "daemon" \
                -a "$DAEMON_PARMS" = "$QUEUE_PARMS" ]; then

So, by changing the DAEMON_PARMS to anything other than the QUEUE_PARMS
a second process gets spawned by the startup script and everybody is
happy (or at least I was).

I think that was really just about all that I had to do. The Debian
mailscanner package has been set up with exim in mind so I had to change
a few of the config options in mailscanner to sendmail stuff but that
was pretty straightforward.


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