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Tim Chown tjc at
Sat Mar 1 15:27:54 GMT 2003

On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 05:35:01PM +0000, Julian Field wrote:
> I am leaving where it is (certainly for now, it might get
> moved eventually). There are political reasons for leaving it on our main
> dept web server as it gets the dept some subtle advertising and obviously
> associates MailScanner with our dept, which the management like (and I am
> quite happy about too).

Glad to hear it ;-)  Historically MailScanner came out of a JISC-funded
project that the University of Southampton had, through which we realised
a) the excessive price of Windows-based scanners (per-seat is so nasty) and
b) the lack of Unix-based alternatives (one commercial, plus an early amavis,
for example).  Having determined that, and with Jules' enthusiasm and
dedication, the rest is history :)

By bringing in a paid support system we both allow Jules to get a reward
for his work, and also people to get better support if they wish to pay for
it (if enough do, the MailScanner team can be expanded...).

The key aspect of "commercialisation" is that the code will remain free,
and support (self-help) free.  The .info domain was one of a few .info's we
grabbed when they were enabled a while back; I guess noone else bid for it,
or we got lucky.  Not sure who's on, looks like someone in

Jules will also of course still be giving some free advice, e.g. there's a
MailScanner BoF at Networkshop UK in April in York.


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