ANNOUNCE: Version 4.13-1 released

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Sat Mar 1 14:32:58 GMT 2003

Hi Mike,

> > MailScanner running with pid 17601 17606 17631 17651 17652 17653

> Yes, I noticed that too. Also, /etc/cron.hourly/check_MailScanner is
> not  even the same as /usr/sbin/check_MailScanner.

The scipt in cron.hourly is simply pointing towards the scripts in
/usr/sbin. Thats normal. I installed -2 but that one is not ok either,
the script has hardcoded paths inside that should be changed for the rpm
install at least.

Change this:


And it should work like advertised, the the 4.13-2 installed.

I guess Julian will announce a 4.13-3 shortly :)


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