reportword bug?

Brian May brian at UNEARTHED.ORG
Mon Jun 30 23:58:55 IST 2003

    Sender: some lamer
IP Address:
 Recipient: somelocal user
   Subject: Footer created at Sat Jun 28 10
 MessageID: h5UMRor22332
    Report: ClamAV: msg-18145-23.html contains Exploit.IFrame.HTML
            Found dangerous IFrame tag in HTML message
    $reportword: Nod32: ./h5UMRor22332/2003 - Win32/Klez.J worm
            ClamAV: 2003 contains Worm/Klez.H
            F-Secure: ./h5UMRor22332/2003: Infected: W32/Klez.H at mm [F-Prot]
            F-Secure: ./h5UMRor22332/2003: Infected: I-Worm.Klez.h [AVP]

Not sure how the report word got there.. has there been a fix for this?

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