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Rodrigo Scarano rscarano at
Mon Jun 30 20:58:40 IST 2003

Just for curiosity. If I'm using the update_virus_scanners script, is there
a way to know what the script did ??? (if its work fine some log, etc).
I'm asking this because when I create a call to mcafee-autoupdate on my
crontab, i've direct the output to a file (with >>) so I can access to see
what's going on.

Rodrigo Scarano
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Wouldn't it just be easier to move update_virus_scanners from the
cron.hourly directory to the cron.daily directory?

At 20:24 30/06/2003, you wrote:
>Hello Julian,
>I have MailScanner installed on may Linux working with McAfee only.
>To avoid auto-update to run every hour, i've disable the script
>update_virus_scanners on my cron.hourly and create a call to
>mcafee-autoupdate script on may crontab file to run every day at 01:00am.
>I've been checked every day and there seems to be no problem on the
>mcafee-autoupdate script.
>I just want to confirm if you see any problem with that configuration.
>Rodrigo Scarano
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>rscarano at

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