Deleting messages before scanning

Paul zen23003 at ZEN.CO.UK
Mon Jun 30 12:04:34 IST 2003

I tried using virtusertable.  Added an entry like this:

name at  error:nouser No such user here

and then did:

/usr/bin/makemap hash /etc/mail/virtusertable < /etc/mail/virtusertable

and restarted MailScanner.

which works fine on my RAQ3, ie, messages for name at are rejected
before MailScanner kicks in, but had no effect on my "pure" RH 7.3 box.
I've also tried it on another box running RH 8  and it works fine.

Any ideas why?  The virtusertable was empty before I added the entry, but has:

#####  $Id: virtusertable.m4,v 8.16 1999/07/22 17:55:36 gshapiro Exp $
Kvirtuser hash -o /etc/mail/virtusertable.db

so from my limited knowledge I thought it was enabled.

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From: "Spicer, Kevin" <Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK>
Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 9:31 AM
Subject: Re: Deleting messages before scanning

Paul wrote:
> Bit OT this one, but I have quite a lot of spam coming in to ancient
> addresses.  Is it possible to delete such messages before MailScanner
> passes them to SpamAssassin and wastes system resources?

I block such addresses using sendmail's access database.

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