[SAtalk] Conflicting scores in SA/MailScanner

Simon Byrnand simon at igrin.co.nz
Sun Jun 29 22:51:31 IST 2003

At 09:53 27/06/03 -0400, Matt Kettler wrote:
>At 11:27 AM 6/27/03 +1200, Simon Byrnand wrote:
>>Shouldn't it be possible to simply check for the presence of spamassassin 
>>markup before calling it a second time ??
>No, because that's easily abused by spammers.. all they have to do is add 
>a spamassassin markup to the header that says "not spam" and they bypass 
>your SA processing entirely.

So add a site specific header to show the message has been scanned.... 
they're unlikely to be able to forge that :)

(You had a good point though)


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