Getting MailScanner to rbl

Richard Lynch rich at MAIL.WVNET.EDU
Sun Jun 29 21:10:18 IST 2003

Here's my understanding of RBL implementation.  They can be implemented
in 3 places, each with advantages and disadvantages.


  Implementing them here is the most efficient and the most ruthless.
The messages from blacklisted sites don't get accepted at all.
MailScanner whitelist processing is not possible.


  Implementing them here costs more since the message has to be accepted
and analyzed.  Whitelisting is honored.  There's also the advantage that
MailScanner will detect slow responses/timeouts and temporarily disable
the RBL sites that are not performing properly.


  Implementing them here is the most expensive in systems resources but
is far less ruthless.  Being listed in an RBL simply contributes to your
final spamassassin score.  It does not necessarily prevent the mail from
being delivered.  I don't believe auto-disabling of badly performing RBL
sites is done though.  As a result, a poorly performing RBL can really
slow things down.  This is also true if implemented in sendmail.

I trust that any misunderstandings I have will be soundly corrected.  ;)

Richard Lynch <rich at>

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