Rulesets case sensitive ??

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Fri Jun 27 08:00:26 IST 2003


> I have the same problem with spam blacklists.
> Although I raised this issue some weeks ago and it was decided that there
> shouldn't be any problem, it still doesn't work. I now have two lines in
> my blacklists:
> From:          yes
> From:          yes

For email addys i think its either smart to make somethng to put that in
the config ... like 'make case sensitive' yes/no. In the RFC there is
really a difference between upper and lowercase, heck, i even have users
currently that ONLY accept mail if its for example PauL@ since thats what
they send with and most likely the rest is spam.

> If I use only one, mails with different casing still get > through. >
> I'm running up2date RedHat 8 with mailscanner-4.21-9


Julian, could you also respond on my mail about the uppercase issues ?


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