Conflicting scores in SA/MailScanner

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Thu Jun 26 23:00:42 IST 2003


> All of this was already set up previously with the exception of
> MailScanner & McAfee. I installed that today. SpamAssassin was already
> up and running using a sitewide configuration etc. I am very happy with
> how SpamAssassin is working, I just wanted to add MailScanner so that my
> email could be scanned for virii as well. If i understand correctly,
> MailScanner calls SpamAssassin during its routine correct. If thats the
> case, do I need to disable Spamassassin from running on its own?

I think its best to disable your seperate SA one, MS will take care of
that and currenly its only wasting CPU power running twice. But if you
like to run it seperate, yes, disable it inside MS.


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