ClamAV log problem

Gerry Doris gerry at
Thu Jun 26 14:36:36 IST 2003

>> Will you please send me the two clamav files in
>> /usr/lib/MailScanner so I
>> can try them out.  I'm wondering if their updates didn't make it into
>> 4.22-3??
> I've just checked the tarball on the site for 4.22-3 which does contain
> the correct version, are you sure it hasn't been created as rpmnew.  Or
> maybe you've got the wrong version of freshclam (freshclam -V to find
> out).  Or maybe clam has been installed in a different place this time and
> you're still using the old version.  Or maybe the fix to the output codes
> didn't make it into clam 0.60 (I'd be suprised though!)
> I've attached my version anyway - hope its not got mangled by Windows ;)

> BMRB International
> +44 (0)20 8566 5000

Thanks for the file.  I did a diff on it and it's the same as the one I'm
using.  I also checked freshclam and it's working too.

I didn't have much time this morning before I left for work but I did
stick a few print statements in the clamav-autoupdate file.  The update
command is working with a return code of 1.  The script is falling through
the correct if loop and appears to be updating the syslog...but nothing is
showing up???  I had a quick look at syslog.conf and didn't see anything

Tonight I'll have to look at this a little deeper.  It obviously doesnn't
have anything to do with MailScanner.


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