Postfix and Mailscanner

Dinstuehler.Jens at IS-AG.COM Dinstuehler.Jens at IS-AG.COM
Thu Jun 26 12:42:10 IST 2003


We've installed Mailscanner on a Suse 8.0 Linux with Postfix. postfix seems
to work fine.
We have two postfix processes running, one for the inbound mails and
another one for the outgoing emails.

The inbound postfix server recieves an email and puts the email into the folder.

As i know now the mailscanner should start processing this new email. But
it doesn't. Mailscanner is doing nothing.

We also get no error - message or something else from mailscanner in the
mail logfile.

What can we do to find a solution for this problem ?

I tried to send a email local from this server and the email recieved its
destination. So i think also the outgoing
postfix server seems to work fine.

We need this server as a email gateway for filtering spams and viruses.


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