Port 25 SMTP Standards

Chuck Liggett chuckl at NACS.NET
Wed Jun 25 16:04:03 IST 2003

True -- RFC821 does specify that the server hostname must be present
as the first word in the reply following the reply code.

Furthermore, when editing your SMTP Greeting reply, be aware that the
entire length of the message, including the reply code and the trailing
CR/LF must be less than or equal to 512 bytes.

Failure to follow these may result in some problems.

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>>     $ telnet 25
>>     220- ESMTP
>>     220-
>>     220-
>>     220-It is a violation of applicable law to send spam
>>     220-to this server, and such violations may be prosecuted.
>>     220- 220 Be aware: Oklahoma has Long Arm clauses in its
>> computer crime statute.
> What did you add to get that message or maybe its not sendmail?

You can change the banner message on sendmail with this in your sendmail.mc
define(`confSMTP_LOGIN_MSG', `yourserver.yourdomain.com  Your message here')dnl

IIRC theres an RFC that says you should include the name of your mail server in the banner.

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