INFO: Automated df2mbox routine

Mack Ragan ragan_davis at COLSTATE.EDU
Mon Jun 23 23:52:42 IST 2003

FYI --

In case anyone want's to know an easy way to automate creation of
spam.yyyymmdd files, here's what I did:

Create a shell script (named make_mbox or whatever u want) with the
following lines:
folder=`date +%Y%m%d`
cd /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine
/usr/sbin/df2mbox $folder

Make the file executable:
chmod 0750 make_mbox

Then, create a cron job (type "crontab -e"):
59 23 * * * /some_path_here/make_mbox

This will generate a spam.yyyymmdd file near the end of each day so that
you'll have something fairly complete to use when you come in the next
morning.  Note:  All of the above assumes root user.

Well, hope this helps someone!  Suggestions welcomed!


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