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At 19:06 23/06/2003, you wrote:
>hmmm... I'm picturing a Borg Scenario a la Star Trek...

If that wasn't a Photoshop Challenge, I don't know what is!
Best entries get on the web site :-)

>Didn't I see a picture of ol' Billy Gates in that light (resistance is
>I say if we make programmer improvements, let them be cyber improvements.
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>         >>I guess we're going to have to pitch in and get him a new liver
> too! :)
>         >
>         > A new liver that worked properly would actually be surprisingly
> helpful!
>         > (along with most of the rest of me, mine totally packed up 6
> years ago but
>         > basically works okay now)
>         > --
>         > Julian Field
>         Hmmm, a whole new trend in open source software.  The software is
> provided
>         free of charge except for body parts required to improve
>         efficency.  Hopefully, Microsoft doesn't get wind of this...that
> would be
>         truly frightening.
>         Gerry

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