More Beer for Julian and his fine work on [MAILSCANNER]

Gary Smithe gsmithe at OFALLON90.NET
Mon Jun 23 19:06:34 IST 2003

hmmm... I'm picturing a Borg Scenario a la Star Trek...
Didn't I see a picture of ol' Billy Gates in that light (resistance is futile...)?
I say if we make programmer improvements, let them be cyber improvements.

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	> At 15:50 23/06/2003, you wrote:
	>>I guess we're going to have to pitch in and get him a new liver too! :)
	> A new liver that worked properly would actually be surprisingly helpful!
	> (along with most of the rest of me, mine totally packed up 6 years ago but
	> basically works okay now)
	> --
	> Julian Field
	Hmmm, a whole new trend in open source software.  The software is provided
	free of charge except for body parts required to improve programmer
	efficency.  Hopefully, Microsoft doesn't get wind of this...that would be
	truly frightening.

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