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Mon Jun 23 18:46:38 IST 2003

At 18:36 23/06/2003, you wrote:
> > At 15:50 23/06/2003, you wrote:
> >>I guess we're going to have to pitch in and get him a new liver too! :)
> >
> > A new liver that worked properly would actually be surprisingly helpful!
> > (along with most of the rest of me, mine totally packed up 6 years ago but
> > basically works okay now)
> > --
> > Julian Field
>Hmmm, a whole new trend in open source software.  The software is provided
>free of charge except for body parts required to improve programmer
>efficency.  Hopefully, Microsoft doesn't get wind of this...that would be
>truly frightening.

Well, we've had postcard-ware and pizza-ware (eg Samba), perhaps now we
should have bodypart-ware?
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