SQL Logging

Paul Hamilton paul.hamilton at sme-ecom.co.uk
Mon Jun 23 16:01:02 IST 2003

Further to our earlier email we are seeing numerous error entries in our

'Jun 23 15:52:34 cobaltxxx MailScanner[20435]: Cannot insert row: ERROR:
Bad timestamp external representation '505646.002.001.0001] HMCE EDCS
Response Message'
Jun 23 15:52:37 cobaltxxx last message repeated 6 times'

is this because we are not using the latest CustomConfig?, does the latest
file also address the problem of multiple entries for the same message
being placed into the temp log? Are we missing something?

Hi All,

Calling upon the mailing lists experiences on this one, apologies
it has already been discussed but our queries of the knowledge
base yielded nothing that helped us.

Set-up: Raq4i, MailScanner 4.19-9 SA 2.54

On implementing sql logging we're finding that MailScanner is making
up to 10 entries for the same message into the Temp Log File, which
are then being mirrored into our sql database when the information
is flushed across from the Temp Log.

Is this normal? if how do we stop it corrupting the results in the sql

Thanks in advance.


Paul H.

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