HTML forms in e-mail -- new 4.22-2

Richard Lynch rich at MAIL.WVNET.EDU
Sun Jun 22 21:45:55 IST 2003

On Sun, 2003-06-22 at 13:54, Julian Field wrote:
> Sounds a really good idea, and it has virtually no load impact at all (it's
> just 1 regexp lookup).
> I have just posted version 4.22-2 which includes an "Allow Form Tags"
> configuration option.
> Enjoy!

WOW!  Julian, you're something else... really.  I can't help but wonder
how long it would have taken to get an IBM, Oracle, HP, or, heaven
forbid, Microsoft, to provide a solution for this.  Thank you a 1000
times and more.

Richard Lynch <rich at>

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