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Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sun Jun 22 12:02:01 IST 2003

Now now, people.

The correct mailing list for discussing SpamAssassin scores on particular
messages is the satalk list run from Sourceforge. You will find plenty of
people there willing to contribute their thoughts on how that message might
be detected as spam in current and future versions of SpamAssassin.

At 11:45 22/06/2003, you wrote:
>Personally, I didn't think it was off topic - Guess what, I wouldn't have
>sent it if I thought it was.
>AFAIK there isn't a charter for this list. Perhaps Julian would like to
>consider one (or tell me where it is if there is one).
>If it gets me into someone's blacklist with one sending at a score of only
>2.6, I probably don't want to send email to them again anyway.
>Your reply scored 2.2 - Should I put you in my blacklist?
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>On 22 June 2003 09:47 +0100 InvictaNet Customer Support
><support at INVICTANET.CO.UK> wrote:
> > This is a new one on me!
> > What is interesting  is that SA only gives it 2.6
>Please don't forward spam to the list. It's off topic for a start and
>can get you into people's blacklists if it reaches their thresholds.

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