OT: "greylisting" - looking for opinions

Ryan Bingham ryanb at AACRAO.ORG
Sat Jun 21 08:55:43 IST 2003

Julian wrote:

>> This can't really be done with MailScanner as it does not
>> involve itself in the SMTP service at all.
>> There are already plenty of programs out there which
>> are very good at doing this (ie. the MTAs) so I don't
>> want to try to write my own. MailScanner is only 
>> involved once the entire message has been collected and queued.

I don't know Julian, I think I'm probably not alone in thinking that you could write a pretty kickass MTA.  :-)  In any case, I wasn't proposing it as a MailScanner feature, but just wondering what people on here thought of the concept of "greylisting" in general.  There seems to be something not quite right about it which I can't put my finger on.

Off to Canada, eh?

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