suggested sa install notes update: turn off iptables

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Jun 21 08:36:46 IST 2003

MailScanner doesn't ever use spamc or spamd, so I always skip those tests
         perl Makefile.PL
         rm t/spamc*
         rm t/spamd*
         make test
         make install

At 04:21 21/06/2003, you wrote:
>I'm sure this is something I would have been aware of if I weren't doing
>an initial, crash-through-it-as-fast-as-possible install of MailScanner
>+ SpamAssassin and had actually take the time to properly understand
>spamassassin, but that's what I'm doing, so...
>Make test for spamassassin (at least the 'stable' version, 2.55), will
>fail if the system is sufficiently locked down with iptables or
>ipchains.  The initial spamc test takes a long, long time, then the
>spamc_B test fails with "Not found: spamflag = X-Spam-Flag: YES", then
>the spamc_c test hangs, then... well then I got bored and killed it, so
>I dunno.
>But /sbin/iptables/stop allows the tests to complete.  Guess now I'm
>going to have to actually go read up on spamassassin to see what the
>heck it needs. :-)
>But it might be useful for you to add a note suggesting the reader turn
>off iptables/ipchains in the install guide located here:

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