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I'll test later on today if the current wrapper still works :)

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Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 05:36:06 +0200 (CEST)
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Subject: [clamav-announce] Clam AntiVirus 0.60


Hello again...

This is a new, (very?) stable release of Clam AntiVirus. 0.60 was developed
and stabilized for over seven months and many people had contributed to the
final release. This version introduces many enhancements and a new program:
clamav-milter written by ClamAV developer Nigel Horne. This is a mail scanner
for Sendmail/milter written entirely in C, which uses clamd for virus scanning.
Clamav-milter and clamd duet is a powerful solution for systems where high
performance is required. Please check clamdoc for more detail.

    Many people get confused with ClamAV database status because of
    the OpenAntiVirus update information at:
    (last update at 17 October, 2002). The ClamAV virus database contains
    the OAV database (with some signatures fixed or removed) but we
    develop it independently of the OAV project. Our database is updated
    frequently (on average 4-5 times a week). You can help (or join) us -
    will find some basic but useful instructions at

News from ClamAV world:

-) New email address for virus submitting: virus at clamav.elektrapro.com
   You don't need to encrypt a virus sample, but if your system doesn't allow
   you to send infected files just put it into an encrypted zip archive
   (password: virus)

   Special thanks to Nicholas Chua, Diego D'Ambra, Hrvoje Habjanic, Nigel Kukard
   and Chris van Meerendonk for a big number of samples submitted.

-) New mailing list: virusdb at clamav.elektrapro.com
   After each update an email with subject "[clamav-virusdb] Update" and a list
   of viruses added is sent to it. You can set up a procmail rule for freshclam
   to react on such a mails (and update the database just after an update).

-) New official mirrors:
    + clamav.ozforces.com: database mirror updated manually (thanks to
      Andrew <andrew at ozforces.com>)
    + clamav.essentkabel.com: full (automatic) mirror of clamav.elektrapro.com
      (thanks to Chris van Meerendonk <cvm at castel.nl>)
    + clamav.linux-sxs.org: database mirror - rsync from clamav.ozforces.com
      (thanks to Douglas J Hunley <doug at hunley.homeip.net>)

    Freshclam will automatically use them when the main server is not

-) Official port in FreeBSD available ! (maintained by Masahiro Teramoto
   <markun at onohara.to>)

-) Unofficial port for OpenBSD is available at:
   (maintained by Flinn Mueller <flinn at activeintra.net>)

-) there are many new programs that use ClamAV, eg. mod_clamav (Apache
   virus scanning filter), clamdmail or Sagator. You will find more
   info in clamdoc.


-) libclamav:
    + fixed buffer overflow in unrarlib (patch by Robbert Kouprie
      <robbert at exx.nl>)

    + various mbox code updates (fixed memory leak; added support for decoding
      viruses sent in message bodies, detection of viruses that put their
      payloads after the end of message marker (thanks to Stephen White
      <stephen at earth.li> for the bug report and useful CGI tools);

    + zziplib updated to 0.10.81 (some problems with older version were reported
      by Martin Schitter)
    + direct scanning of mbox/maildir files (new directive CL_MAIL)
    + file scanner optimization (patch by Hendrik Muhs
      <Hendrik.Muhs at student.uni-magdeburg.de>)
    + bzip2 support
    + faster detection of malformed Zip archives (eg. 'Zip of Death'), they are
      reported as a viruses
    + fixed strcasecmp() compile problem in zziplib on Free/NetBSD and others

-) clamd:
    + fixed descriptor leak in directory scanner - it was causing random
      clamd crashes and locks, especially on highly loaded servers. Reported
      by Kristof Petr <Kristof.P at fce.vutbr.cz>.

    + fixed crash with archive scanning on BSD (increased thread stack size)
      (Nigel Horne)
    + fixed CONTSCAN command (used by clamdscan) - it had archive support
      disabled (hardcoded)
    + fixed SelfCheck option (there was a logic bug, and the option was
      disabled) it now checks a databases time stamps and reloads them
      if needed.
    + fixed possible writing to undefined descriptors (bug found by
      Brian May <bam at debian.org>)
    + new STREAM command (scanning data on socket) and directives:
      StreamSaveToDisk (save stream to disk to allow scanning within archives),
      StreamMaxLength. This option allows scanning data on socket (might be
      sent from another host), currently only clamav-milter uses this.

    + new ScanMail directive for scanning into mbox/Maildir files
    + new directive: ArchiveLimitMemoryUsage (limit memory usage with bzip2)
    + new directive: AllowSupplementaryGroups (feature requested by Exiscan
    + syslog support (LogSyslog) (patch by Hrvoje Habjanic
      <hrvoje.habjanic at zg.hinet.hr>)
    + fixed parser segfault with extra space between option and argument
      in config file (Magnus Ekdahl <magnus at debian.org>)

-) clamscan:
    + fixed --remove option (didn't work when the file was scanned with an
      internal unpacker) (patch by Damien Curtain <damien at pagefault.org>)
    + --move option for moving infected files into a specified directory
      (by Damien Curtain <damien at pagefault.org>)
    + --mbox enables a direct support for mbox files
      (ex. clamscan --mbox /var/spool/mail)
    + fixed --log (-l) option
    + fixed -i option (patch by Magnus Ekdahl <magnus at debian.org>)
    + enabled default archive limits (max-files = 500, max-size = 10M,
      max-recursion = 5)
    + use arj instead of non-free unarj (patch by Magnus Ekdahl)
    + use unzoo instead of non-free zoo (patch by Magnus Ekdahl)
    + removed thread support

    + mirror support (implemented by Damien Curtain <damien at pagefault.org>)
    + --proxy-user: proxy authorization support (implemented by Gernot Tenchio
      <g.tenchio at telco-tech.de>)
    + new options --on-error-execute, --on-update-execute
      (ex. freshclam -d -c 6 --on-error-execute "sendsms 23332243 Can't
      update virus database"). Idea by Douglas J Hunley <doug at hunley.homeip.net>

    + --disable-cr (don't link with C reentrant library (needed on some newer
      versions of OpenBSD))

-) Enhanced AIX (thanks to Mike Loewen <mloewen at sturgeon.cac.psu.edu>) and
   Tru64 support (thanks to Christophe Varoqui <ext.devoteam.varoqui at sncf.fr>)

-) documentation:
    + included how-to in Portugese by Alexandre de Jesus Marcolino
    + clamdoc.pdf and system manual updates

Many thanks to Luca 'NERvOus' Gibelli from ElektraPro for his support,
to Ken McKittrick from USA DataNet for a fully accessible FreeBSD box and
to mailing list subscribers for a constructive discussions.

Tomasz Kojm
June 21, 2003

Best regards,
Tomasz Kojm
      oo    .....       zolw at konarski.edu.pl
     (\/)\.........     http://www.konarski.edu.pl/~zolw
        \..........._   I nie zapomnij kliknac w brzuszek...
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