Random Hostnames?

chris albert christopher.albert at MCGILL.CA
Fri Jun 20 13:51:40 IST 2003

Max Kipness wrote:

> Has anybody dealt with spam email addresses like:
> 0w72ibo4i4w2 at hotmail.com <mailto:0w72ibo4i4w2 at hotmail.com>
> 59unzwyb2b at aol.com <mailto:59unzwyb2b at aol.com>
> I figure if I add these to the blacklist it would do no good as these
> are probably randomly generated by some program. And as much as I'd
> like to ban the entire domains of aol.com and hotmail.com, I can't do
> this.
> Is there anyway of added something like regular expressions to pick
> out hostnames with patterns like this? Has anybody tackled this
> before? And if so, how.
> Thanks,
> Max

Unfortunately, if they are random, the matching expression is * .
I think you need to rely on SA to catch these kind of spam.


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