[MailWatch for MS 0.2] Volume count in reports

Evert Jan van Ramselaar evertjan at VANRAMSELAAR.NL
Fri Jun 20 09:32:01 IST 2003

Steve Freegard said:
> There is already a format_mail_size function in functions.php which is
> used
> on the messages screens that automatically shows bytes, Kb, Mb, Gb or Tb
> as
> necessary.  I'll convert the reports to use this function for the next
> version.

Great! Thanks Steve.

I've been using MW4MS for some days now and I just love the interface.
Keep up the good work!

  Evert Jan van Ramselaar  <evertjan at vanramselaar.nl>
  Van Ramselaar Info Tech  <http://www.vanramselaar.nl>

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