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kfliong kfliong at WOFS.COM
Wed Jun 18 04:07:54 IST 2003

It's impossible to monitor mails for spamming and virus if The From, To and
Subject are all considered private information.

This is stupid. Whoever set those rules and allow them to pass the law are
people who does not know anything about email administration. If it were my
company, I would draft a letter for all employees to sign stating that
their from, to and subject are
monitored. That should overwrite the law in EU. Plus, if they aren't happy
with it, then screw them. We don't need employees
who does private things with their email that they are so afraid ppl will
see their from, to and subject.

That's my 2cents.

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>> > The From, To and Subject are all considered private information in the
>>So... What about sendmail's plain old maillog???
>>Are you not allowed to look at it? Do you disable sendmail logging??
>Under the Human Rights Act, we are not allowed to keep these logs for more
>than 6 months, and must set their permissions so that they can be used for
>nothing except system administration and fault diagnosis. For example, our
>senior management are not allowed near them. We may use the logs for the
>purposes of providing a service, but nothing else. Anyone wanting them,
>other than the relevant system administrators for that service, require a
>court order before we will release them.
>This does currently appear to conflict with the new version of the Data
>Protection Act, and the government depts and courts are still sorting out
>this problem.
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