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Tue Jun 17 20:34:05 IST 2003

At 19:29 17/06/2003, you wrote:

>On Martedì, giu 17, 2003, at 19:02 Europe/Rome, Julian Field wrote:
>>At 14:04 17/06/2003, you wrote:
>>>Hi, I just installedMailScanner and inoculan (the freeware CAI antivirus),
>>>but I have some problems.
>>>Everything seems ok, but all e-mails are marked as "Unscanned".
>>>How can I track down the problem ?
>>>Note that MailScanner seems to work fine, and inocucmd is working too.
>>>Thank you, Tommaso.
>>>PS: a little system infos: I have a "plain" RedHat 8.0 and I have
>>>installed all with root permissions.
>>Do you have "Virus Scanning = yes" set, and "Virus Scanners = inoculan" set
>>in MailScanner.conf?
>Of course.
>I tried to put some debug code (actually a simple log message) in the 
>inoculan wrapper, but it's not shown when MailScanner claims to be calling 
>the antivirus.
>Any hint to go further in the debug ?

For it to label them unscanned, the virus scanners will never be called. 
Just to confirm, you are getting
X-MailScanner: Unscanned
headers in your mail?

I haven't ever seen this before, and am at a bit of a loss to know why.

Can you check that the inoculan wrapper works?
         cd /tmp
         /usr/lib/MailScanner/inoculan-wrapper -nex -rev .
(don't forget the "." on the end of that).

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