MailScanner and inoculan configuration

Tommaso Pecorella pecos at LENST.DET.UNIFI.IT
Tue Jun 17 14:04:41 IST 2003

Hi, I just installedMailScanner and inoculan (the freeware CAI 
antivirus), but I have some problems.

Everything seems ok, but all e-mails are marked as "Unscanned".

How can I track down the problem ?

Note that MailScanner seems to work fine, and inocucmd is working too.

Thank you, Tommaso.

PS: a little system infos: I have a "plain" RedHat 8.0 and I have 
installed all with root permissions.

Tommaso Pecorella - Ph.D.

CNIT Research Scientist
Università di Firenze Unit

email: tommaso.pecorella at
       pecos at

phone1: +39-0574-440708
phone2: +39-055-4796485
mobile: +39-348-0176826
fax:    +39-055-4796485

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