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Mon Jun 16 21:45:32 IST 2003

Speaking of this very situation, if I modify the "ScanOptions=" in the
f-prot-wrapper will this be okay.  With no options is there another location
that will nuke infected emails?


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> At 21:43 11/06/2003, you wrote:
> >I am using autoupdate script provided with mailscanner to keep f-prot up
> to
> >date.  What has been strange lately is that it always says that
> everything
> >is already up to date and there is nothing to be done.  It does seem to
> be
> >updating on occassion though because the files have been kept up to date.
> >Any idea why?
> >
> >I use this script to call autoupdate in cron.daily.
> >
> >#!/bin/bash
> >perl /usr/local/f-prot/autoupdate
> >exit 0
> If you are using MailScanner version 4, then you should have a cron job in
> /etc/cron.hourly which calls my global updater (update_virus_scanners)
> which updates all the scanners that are installed. You should have deleted
> your cron job to call f-prot/autoupdate when you upgraded from version 3
> to 4.
> >The other thing.  I noticed there is a quiet option in the autoupdate
> >script.  Right now I have it set to 0 since I want to know its working.
> >Getting an email in my admin account everyday gets old though.  It would
> be
> >so much nicer if it was silent unless it actually found an update.  That
> way
> >I would only get a message every few days when it did actually update and
> I
> >could check for updates more frequently.  Is that possible?
> See above.
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