MailScanner Restarting every 5 minutes

Brent Strignano brent at MIRABITO.COM
Fri Jun 13 16:37:14 IST 2003

Last night I upgraded to 4.21-9 from 4.19 and ever since I get this in my maillog every 5 minutes.

Jun 13 11:16:13 gateway MailScanner[13605]: MailScanner child caught a SIGHUP
Jun 13 11:16:13 gateway MailScanner[13587]: MailScanner child caught a SIGHUP

The everything restarts. I'm not losing mail but every 5 minutes sendmail is trying to send the 600 spam bounces that are in the out queue.

In MailScanner.conf is 

Child Processes = 2
Restart Every = 14400

That should be every 4 hours?

Any ideas?


Brent Strignano
System Administrator
Granite Capital Holdings
Sidney, NY USA

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