Vedr.: Kaspersky 4.0.3, MS 4.21-9 and redhat 9

Jan Elmqvist Nielsen JEN at AH.DK
Fri Jun 13 12:16:34 IST 2003

Problem solved...

It's redhat 9 and also redhat 8.

I made a new install. with redhat 7.3 (on the same server) and both kaspersky 3.0 and 4.0 is working with MS 4.21-9

The next thing I wil try is an opgrade to redhat 9 :-)


>>> JEN at AH.DK 11-06-2003 15:09:42 >>>
Is any of you running kaspersky 4.0.3, MS 4.2xx and redhat 9, and are you catching any virus?

I tryed with kaspersky 3.0 build 136 without any luck.

when I am running the kaspersky-wrapper it detects the virus!

I have Kaspersky 3.0 build 136, MS 4.21-6 and redhat 7.3 installation, which is working fine!!

Any ideas?
Is it the redhat version?

/Jan Elmqvist Nielsen

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