Quarantine Removal Tool

Martin Hepworth maxsec at TOTALISE.CO.UK
Thu Jun 12 15:54:46 IST 2003

Kris Zabriskie wrote:
> Hey guys.  I am currently working on a PHP page that will parse a mail.log
> and retrieve spam (as determined by SA and MailScanner).  Currently I am
> developing it on a Tru64 machine running Sendmail.  I am just curious if
> anyone would be interested in obtaining a copy.  If there is enough of a
> desire for it, I will continually work on it in my spare time, and make the
> documentation a little better, and all of that fun stuff.
> I am not the worlds best programmer!!!  In fact, I really don't know PHP =)
> I'm sure most of you could do a better job, but I am hoping that it will get
> the job done.  Also, I will NOT release this to anyone unless it is all
> right with Julian.
> Kris Zabriskie
> Network Admin / Consultant
> I-Tech Inc.
> zabriskw at itech.net
> 717-657-3035


me me me me

damn will have to install php/apache on server....

cd /usr/port.... :-)


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