sophos licensing - one user or per "address"?

Steve Thomas lists at STHOMAS.NET
Wed Jun 11 23:47:25 IST 2003

We have a license that covers all our users, however, we use it on the desktops as well. When I was setting up the license with the Sophos rep, I asked about the mail server and he told me that because we were licensing each user's desktop, we'd be able to use it on the mail server without any problem. I know that doesn't do much to answer your question, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

On Wed, Jun 11, 2003 at 05:31:46PM -0500, Furnish, Trever G is rumored to have said:
> I'm curious - for those of you using sophos on a mailscanner system acting
> only as a relay (not a "mailbox server"), did you license it based on the
> number of recipients for whom you would deliver email or did you get a
> single-user license (or something else I'm failing to imagine)?
> Considering that we're talking about a mail relay, I personally think it's
> silly to license a package based on the number of destination addresses
> being protected by the product, given that the number includes not only your
> internal users but also the people they send email to (assuming that you
> filter outbound mail as well as inbound mail).
> Sophos sales rep would obviously like me to license based on the number of
> internal users I have on my destination system, which seems rather
> ridiculous.
> -t.

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