AV plugins and loggin

Jon Guymon guymon at RAEINTERNET.COM
Wed Jun 11 22:22:14 IST 2003

Kevin Spicer wrote:

>Did you make sure there were no sendmail processes running before
>starting MailScanner?  I've seen the init scripts not properly kill
>sendmail.  Stop both mailscanner and sendmail, make sure all sendmail
>processes are gone then start MailScanner.
Yep, nothing left running.  MailScanner starts normally, logging:

Jun 11 16:16:24 localhost MailScanner[16605]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus
Scanner version 4.21-9 starting...
Jun 11 16:16:24 localhost MailScanner[16605]: Using locktype = flock

five times (normal right?).

 From then on mail flows normally, but there are no added headers, and
no eicar stoppage.

>You shouldn't need to touch sendmail mc|cf files, MailScanner adds the
>necessary arguments on the command line.

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