Matt hciss at HCIWS.COM
Wed Jun 11 21:43:55 IST 2003

I am using autoupdate script provided with mailscanner to keep f-prot up to
date.  What has been strange lately is that it always says that everything
is already up to date and there is nothing to be done.  It does seem to be
updating on occassion though because the files have been kept up to date.
Any idea why?

I use this script to call autoupdate in cron.daily.

perl /usr/local/f-prot/autoupdate
exit 0

The other thing.  I noticed there is a quiet option in the autoupdate
script.  Right now I have it set to 0 since I want to know its working.
Getting an email in my admin account everyday gets old though.  It would be
so much nicer if it was silent unless it actually found an update.  That way
I would only get a message every few days when it did actually update and I
could check for updates more frequently.  Is that possible?


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