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At 17:42 11/06/2003, you wrote:
>Old man page maybe?  Here the relevent bits from mine (Mandrake 9.1)....
>Mount options for tmpfs
>        The  following  parameters  accept  a  suffix  k, m or g for Ki,
> Mi, Gi
>        (binary kilo, mega and giga) and can be changed on remount.
>        size=nbytes
>               Override default size of the filesystem.  The size
> is  given  in
>               bytes, and rounded down to entire pages.  The default is
> half of
>               the memory.

Note this is the maximum size. It doesn't allocate half your RAM at
startup, it just uses it as needed, allocated out of the spare RAM that is
used for IO buffers and disk cache.

There is not normally any reason to specify any mount options for tmpfs at
all. It's best to leave the OS to manage it all for you.

>        nr_blocks=
>               Set number of blocks.
>        nr_inodes=
>               Set number of inodes.
>        mode=  Set initial permissions of the root directory.
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> > Julian Field said:
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> > > mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming
> >
> > "tmpfs"?  What's that?  My mount manual page says nothing
> > about that fs
> > type, although it seems to work.  Any idea where to get more info?
> >
> > -t.
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