Black-/Whitelists in SQL Database (WAS: RE: SQL user options)

Oliver Pitzeier o.pitzeier at UPTIME.AT
Wed Jun 11 15:08:46 IST 2003

> > OK. I did it. :-) I wrote some code (SQL_Backlist, SQL_Whitelist),
> > which is - at least a bit - configurable trough variables in
> > You can imagine what it does... Exactly what I
> > wanted. :-)
> >
> > So... Is someone interested in this code?
> I would love to have that. Thanks!

Please find it here:

Please keep in mind, that is is still some kind of beta stage... I have it
running here, but I wrote it this night in about 1 hour. :-)

For me it's stable, if Julian says it's fine. :-)))
Best regards,

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