Spam score not add up

Bruce Huang y.huang at UTORONTO.CA
Wed Jun 11 14:49:34 IST 2003

Dear all,

One question hope anyone's advise:

I start to add my own tests on spam.assassin.prefs.conf.
The rule is

body SPAM_SITE_001 /
describe SPAM_SITE_001 Testing
score 10.0

The /etc/mail/spamassassin/ links
to /opt/MailScanner/etc/spam.assassin.prefs.conf

With a test, I expect to have a score greater than 10, instead of 3.6.  See
bellow for test result.

X-mailer: Pegasus Mail for Windows (v4.01)
Content-type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII
Content-transfer-encoding: 7BIT
Content-description: Mail message body
X-MailScanner-Information: Please contact the ISP for more information
X-MailScanner: Found to be clean
X-MailScanner-SpamCheck: not spam, SpamAssassin (score=3.6, required 5,
X-MailScanner-SpamScore: sss
X-PMFLAGS: 34078848 0 1 Y0604D.CNM

Thanks for any advise.



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